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Padre Ángel is convinced that we are in this world to be happy and to make others happy.

In his book “A better World is Possible” he shows with data and studies that solidarity is more present than ever in society. “You have to love and let yourself be loved” is one of his favorite mottos …

«I have heard many times the phrase “Thanks for listening to me” from people who come to the Church of San Antón to speak with me, because they only need that: a person who listens to them and gives them love.»

«How can I not bless the union between two people who love each other? How can I not bless children who have no father? Why not to bless people broken by a marital separation? If I bless animals in San Antón honoring their patron, I bless the people who come in search of encouragement and love.»
«Our engine in Mensajeros de la Paz is love, love for others, love between us and above all, the love of God that we know fills everything.»

Who is Padre ángel

Ángel García Rodríguez

Angel Garcia Rodriguez, popularly known as Padre Angel, was born in La Rebollada (Mieres, Asturias, Spain) on March 11, 1937.

He was ordained as diocesan priest at the age of 24 and founded, together with Angel Silva, La Cruz de los Angeles (Cross of the Angels), mainly dedicated to the care of children with no family, which would later become Mensajeros de la Paz (Messengers of Peace) in 1962. 

With the aim of working to assist and protect the most vulnerable sectors of the population, Mensajeros de la Paz (MDLP) grew up with a deep concern for children, both in Spain and abroad. Thanks to MDLP, over 50.000 children have passed through foster homes and achieved a more dignified future. 


Since 2015, Padre Angel is also in charge of the San Antón Church and Social Center in Madrid, which is open 24 hours a day and provides shelter and comfort to the most vulnerable people. Besides, since 2021, he is in charge of the Cathedral of Justo, in Mejorada del Campo (Madrid, Spain), with the aim of creating a a social center for reception, solidarity and assistance.

Seeking and developing ways to achieve peace and equality, Padre Angel works, from MDLP and from his host church, with people living in the street, and also with elderly people, people with disabilities, women and their children victims of gender-based violence and populations without resources.

Solidarity and tolerance

He believes that, in order to achieve social development, it is necessary to start by educating children in values such as solidarity and tolerance. The President of MdP works to denounce social issues and spread a message of commitment, compassion and defense of human rights and human dignity.

Padre Angel has received important awards and recognitions, such as the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord (1994) and he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017. 


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