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The Little House of Mensajeros

This is a center that helps families in vulnerable situations to reconcile family and work life. It is, located in the neighborhood of Lavapies, in the heart of Madrid. We accompany children while their primary caregivers are unable to be with them. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive support to families who need it in collaboration with other projects within the organization and with the Social Services of the Madrid City Council. The center organization is based on child-friendly pedagogies, where the child is the protagonist and the environment is adapted to his or her needs.

This projects covers two age and time bands:

  •  Mornings at La Casita, children from 0 to 3 years old, from 9:00 am to 16:00 pm
  •  Evenings at La Casita: children from 3 to 12 years old, from 17:00 to 19:30 pm


We run two Emergency Centers for women, alone or with children, victims of gender-based violence and in situations of vulnerability.

We seek to provide urgent protection, offering psychological and social attention to contribute to their empowerment and social reintegration.

Residences and Senior Centers

Our residential model is conceived as a socio-sanitary service aimed at the elderly with different degrees of self-sufficiency. We assist them on their basic, therapeutic and relational needs, and encourage their autonomy to ensure they can continue being the masters of their lives.

Mensajeros de la Paz supervises, through the different offices, 104 residencies for elderly people in Spain.

From Mensajeros de la Paz Association, we run the following residences:
Residence and Municipal Senior Center - Campo Real
Av. Arganda, 1 28510 Campo Real, Madrid
Don Bosco Residence - Barajas
Calle de la Playa de Riazor, 39, 28042 Madrid
Isla Taray Residence - Morata de Tajuña
Ctra. De Perales Km. 3,300 – 28530 Morata de Tajuña (Madrid)
San Pedro de Alcántara Residence - Arenas de San Pedro
Santísima Trinidad, 10 05400 Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila)
El Salvador Residence - Lagartera
Calle Alberto Caamaño, 15, 45567 Lagartera Toledo
San Prudencio Assisted Housing - Nájera
C/ San Prudencio, nº6 26300, Nájera Toledo
Ciudad Dorada Residence: a meeting village – Colunga
Ctra. de Huerres La Espina s/n. 33320 Colunga


We collaborate with different entities that work for the rights of people with disabilities, both in Spain and in other countries, such as Honduras and Cameroon.

In Spain, some of the entities we work with are: ONCE Foundation, Aladina Foundation, El Chupete y Discapacitados Asociados Marketing de Empleo S.L.

In 2021, this project was co-financed by the Community of Madrid and the European Union through the ESF (FSE: Fondo Social Europeo) to deal with the social and health crisis created by COVID-19.


Located in Madrid, this project was born in 2015 and, despite the pandemic, it has maintained its pastoral, social and cultural spirit. Furthermore, it guarantees the right to food for the people who attend.

Its main lines of action are:

1 – Pastoral activities
We have continued to carry out prayers and the daily mass by streaming and we have resumed the face-to-face activities.

2 – Social intervention
We offer social services on a daily basis for homeless or at-social-risk people.

3 – Cultural activities
During 2021, San Antón Church offered more than 100 cultural activities, including choirs, concerts and talks.

4 – Activities to guarantee the right to food

te ayudamos
In 2021, this project was co-financed by the Community of Madrid and the European Union through the ESF (FSE: Fondo Social Europeo) to deal with the social and health crisis created by COVID-19.


With the volunteers’ help, we bring breakfasts every day to over 150 people who find themselves in a situation of homelessness and loneliness.

In 2021, due to the sanitary situation we kept on offering breakfasts as a takeaway option alongside with a hot cup of coffee, in two different locations in the center of Madrid.

Breakfasts are delivered daily and without an appointment from 7.15h to 8.30h at Hortaleza St. 36 (Madrid).


This project began in 2020 to reinforce our compromise with families in poverty risk aggravated by the pandemic crisis. We deliver solidarity emergency food baskets and provide accompaniment, seeking to find the most appropriate solution in each case, though networking with other entities.

The beneficiaries are people excluded from the system who would not have access to any resources without this project.


This Solidarity Restaurant has been operating since 2016 with the main goal of dignifying people’s right to food.

With the support of volunteers, we offer daily dinners in a family and relaxed atmosphere. Due to the pandemic, dinners are offered to take away.

This project was co-financed in 2021 by the Community of Madrid and the European Union through the ESF, to address the social and health crisis in COVID-19


Housing resource for people in socio-residential exclusion and in street situations. It offers a comprehensive and individualized intervention to reverse this situation. Currently in Madrid we have had 12 homes for different profiles:

  • Home destined to men
  • Home destined to women
  • Home destined to autonomous elderly people
  • Home with a capacity for three families destined to Single-Parent Families
  • 3 homes for families at risk of social exclusion
  • Emergency home for short-term stays for people in need of temporary medical treatment or housing due to a social emergency

Cathedral of Justo Social Centre

The Cathedral of Justo Social Centre, in Mejorada del Campo, Madrid, is a building built by a single man, Justo Gallego, with no architectural training nor construction experience, in honor of the Virgin Mary. It is a building, initially thought as a chapel, that has become a Cathedral, which has been under construction for more than 60 years. It is a pioneering example of sustainability as he has used a lot of waste and recycled materials. Praised by experts and architects, the MOMA museum in New York dedicated an exhibition to him in 2006.

Now, together with Mensajeros de la Paz, we wish to finish his work, a dream come true, for it to become a place of peace and welcome for praying, to receive all people: those who are believers and those who are not, those who need help, those who are forgotten, those who are lonely; to become a meeting place for different religions, a small field hospital, a solidarity house for sharing.

With your contribution you are helping those who need it most