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The Mensajeros de la Paz Association (Messengers of Peace) is a non-governmental organization, declared of public utility, that works at a national and international level. It has been awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord, among other distinctions. Based in Madrid, Spain, we work in over 50 countries, promoting the human and social development of society’s most underprivileged populations and adapting to all the different social realities.

Mensajeros de la Paz Association is the original entity founded by Padre Ángel. It currently serves as the central office for the social group of organizations founded by him. This social group also comprises entities of the Autonomous Communities, local offices in different countries and the Edad Dorada (Golden Age) Association as well as the Mensajeros de la Paz Foundation. 

asociación mensajeros de la paz

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To achieve the human and social promotion of society’s most underprivileged populations.

To accompany people from the most vulnerable social groups towards a self-sufficient future.
Freedom, Solidarity, Tolerance, Human Rights, Social Justice, Equality, Respect for the environment, Ethics and Transparency in Management, Social Responsibility and Commitment.
Mensajeros de la Paz has its accounts audited by Trujillano y Asociados Auditores S.L., Independent Auditor, and published by the Ministry of Interior.