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The assets you enjoy today can contribute to a better future for the most vulnerable people when you no longer need them.

1Think about what you would like to happen to your assets once you can no longer enjoy them. You can bequeath them to one or more heirs.

2If you wish for your legacy to have a social impact, go to a notary and ask them to draft your will so that it can be fulfilled.

3If you have decided to include Mensajeros de la Paz in your will, you need to add the following information: 

Asociación Mensajeros de la Paz
CIF: G-28485779
Plaza General Vara de Rey, Nº 9
28005 de Madrid

4Don’t forget to let us know.

You can call us at
91 364 39 40
or send us an email to

If you need more information or legal advice, do not hesitate to contact us.