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Over 100 People Share a Table at a Solidarity Dinner Full of Inclusion and Companionship
cena solidaria
  • People and families experiencing vulnerability and undesired loneliness, Telefonica volunteers, and individuals with intellectual disabilities came together for an evening to celebrate Christmas.
  • Throughout the event, 1,000 Christmas food packs were also prepared to be distributed to vulnerable families through the Madrid Food Bank.

The Telefónica Foundation, together with Down Madrid and Mensajeros de la Paz, has organized a Solidarity Dinner for individuals experiencing vulnerability and undesired loneliness during these significant holiday seasons.

More than 100 people, including families, children involved in Mensajeros de la Paz projects, and Telefónica volunteers, have shared a table for the second consecutive year in an evening filled with inclusion, mutual support, companionship, and generosity.

Furthermore, on this occasion, all menus have been prepared with the collaboration of individuals with intellectual disabilities from Down Madrid, thus promoting their social inclusion.

Young people and teachers from the Da la Nota music-social program joined the initiative, enhancing the dinner with different traditional music pieces from around the world and Christmas carols. This free and inclusive program utilizes music as a tool for social transformation and is aimed at children and adolescents.

This initiative has also been used to prepare 1,000 Christmas food packs that volunteers with intellectual disabilities will distribute, along with the Madrid Food Bank, to the Sociocultural Solidarity Association Mutual Support Network of Aluche-RAMA.

This initiative demonstrates the importance of collaboration between organizations to create special and meaningful moments during festive seasons, not only to provide food and assistance but also warmth and companionship during these special times.