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Evento solidario 11 de junio (3)

On Sunday, June 11th, the Palacio de Longoria in Madrid was transformed into a stage of solidarity and well-being during the Solidarity Self-Care Day. Over 60 people came together in a unique event to dance, meditate, and share, as a gesture of support for children in Argentina and Spain.

With the slogan Caring for yourself is caring for the world, we aimed to promote the importance of self-care as the foundation for helping others. Creating a festive and nurturing environment, participants indulged in a range of wholesome and mindful activities led by expert professionals in their respective fields. Positive energy, joy, and commitment were palpable throughout the day.


The event featured prominent participation from Dafne Schilling, a renowned yoga and movement instructor, and Agustina Salvadó, a nutritionist. They provided their expertise and shared their knowledge on holistic well-being during the training sessions.

“We are thrilled to see how Madrid comes together for this Solidarity Self-Care Day”, expressed Paula Lemos, our Director of Global Development. “The event was a success thanks to the support and participation of all attendees, as well as the sponsorship and collaboration from partnering organizations”.

Apart from the more than 60 individuals who physically attended the event, many others joined from different parts of the city and the world through social media promotion and the support of collaborating entities. Grupo Sanitaria was the main sponsor of the event, and there were also numerous collaborators such as Cocomad Bakery, Copaia Estudio, DAR Nutrición, Holiday Gym, House of Mats, Lisi Fracchia, Pani Madrid, Pepa Cocinera, Quokka Bottle, SGAE, and Vitamin Well.

Candelaria López, representative of Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina, highlighted the significance of the event and its impact on children worldwide: “Mensajeros de la Paz reaches more than 75 countries, and this event is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate and ensure that every child has a childhood filled with love and good memories. From Argentina, we feel deeply

appreciated for the support of each and every one of you gathered here today”.

Mensajeros de la Paz expresses gratitude to all the individuals who chose to be part of this event, whether through ticket purchases, donations, or the support of partnering companies. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated team of volunteers, whose efforts made the event organization a success. Together, we are making a better world a little more possible for children everywhere.