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Since 1962, our priority has always been the human and social promotion of the most disadvantaged people in society, attending to the different social realities, both nationally and internationally.



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Padre Ángel
El alma y motor de  nuestra misión. Fundó la Asociación de Mensajeros de la Paz junto a Ángel Silva Sánchez. Un trabajador incansable repartiendo amor.
Iglesia de San Antón

En el centro de Madrid,
ofrece cobijo, comida y hasta conexión wifi a sus feligreses, la mayoría personas sin hogar o en riesgo de exclusión social.

Proyectos Internacionales
Desde nuestra fundación hemos colaborado con nuevos proyectos en distintos lugares del mundo con distintas necesidades y atendiendo a diferentes colectivos vulnerables.
Padre Ángel

The soul and driving force of our mission. A tireless worker, convinced that a better world is possible.


Discover now the national and international work of our organization during 2022 in our annual report.


We have started to align our work with the 17 Goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs).

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Volunteers have been, and still are, a fundamental part of the life of Mensajeros de la Paz and they are one of the main pillars of our work.


We want each company to find and choose the best way to participate and, thus, to help us boost the impact of our social integration projects.

Solidarity Celebrations

Life is a gift! And make a celebration together It is the perfect occasion to be supportive.

Some of the companies that collaborated with us in 2022