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Dear colleagues,

Fundación Konecta invites you to help all the Moroccan families who have lost everything in this terrible earthquake.

Together we want to meet the challenge of raising €5,000!

We have already raised 1.492€ of 5.000€

Fundación Konecta will double the amount raised.

As part of our program of alliances with social entities, Fundación Konecta joins Mensajeros de La Paz to help those affected by the disaster. To this end, we invite all our employees to contribute with a donation to Mensajeros de La Paz.

We encourage you to collaborate and appreciate your support.

Morocco needs your help urgently


How can I help?

By bank transfer or credit card as follows:

Financial Donations

They are preferable in these situations, because the needs of each moment are met in a more concrete way.

There is no need to store, transport, or additional personnel to manage, in addition to not wasting any product due to excess or expiration.

Frequent questions:

Goods donated in kind in Spain or in other countries outside Morocco may not be adequate to the needs of the population and the humanitarian and logistical situation on the ground, which can vary rapidly in crisis situations and must be constantly evaluated by the humanitarian response teams on the ground.

Products can be damaged due to transportation, storage, expiration and conservation.

An added problem is created, the logistical problem of storage and transportation.

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If you have any problems with receiving your certificate, write to:

Do you know that you can recover up to 80% of your donation in your income tax return? (Spain)

The first €150 you donate will deduct 80% and from €150 onwards they will deduct 35%. Furthermore, if you have been donating to Messengers of Peace for more than 3 years, your tax deduction in this last section increases up to 40%.

If you have not received your link to download the certificate and you want to benefit from the tax relief, notify us with your personal information (name, surname, ID, postal code) to the address and we will send it to you by email.